New York, United States

Engage users with machine learning-optimized creatives

Engage – Re-engage – Re-activate – Retain.

Increase conversions and revenue from existing and new users through deep learning.

Lower Cart Abandonment

By using Radian ads tailored to your customers’ preferences and likes. Display ads with products or services that caught their attention in the first place and provided additional value for both parties.

The gradual boost in revenue

By listing ads of products that are most likely to be purchased by a user, you can increase your revenue incrementally. By combining your first party data with our machine learning algorithm, we can identify these products and display them to relevant audiences.

Grow lifetime value

By tracking every aspect of your customer cycle. Identify what combination of exchanges, apps, and creative works best for you. Reconnect with dormant and prospect customers and improve the overall LTV of your app through improved down funnel metrics.

Decline the churn rates

Using Retargeting to reduce user churn rates not only brings back lapsed or dormant users, but keeps them engaged with your product and thus reduces churn. Using Radian, you can improve retention and increase your MAUs and DAUs by running re-engagement campaigns.