New York, United States

Engage your customers at every stage of their journey

User acquisition and data-driven targeting

Predictive algorithms and machine learning boost mobile app user acquisition, retention, and brand performance

Build a quality user base for your app

With AI-based targeting and acquisition, and campaigns optimized to drive post-install conversions

Learn – Optimize – Scale

Our machine learning platform will learn how to accomplish your desired user acquisition objectives as soon as you set up your campaign. Initially, we optimize for CPI in order to collect sufficient install data, followed by optimizing down-funnel conversions (post-install events). Once this is done, your campaign performance will scale.

Drive the best and most genuine users for your app

Using unbiased historical proprietary data, our predictive Machine Learning model finds the best users for your app based on unbiased historical proprietary data. Identify the top segments of users and optimize for the ones most likely to convert in your app by analyzing historical user behavior, user interest, and in-app engagement. Improve your ROI with our Machine Learning Optimization Technology.

Boost conversions with intensely engaging ads

Multiple variations of your ad creatives are A/B tested across formats to identify and scale high-performing creatives. Your app’s ad creative can be customized and localized to boost engagement and conversions.

A complete translucent platform for app marketers

App marketers can track their campaigns in real-time and download performance reports, which provide deep insights and multi-dimensional analytics through our actionable dashboards. Get full control over campaign performance by managing and optimizing campaigns.